Podcast #117 Writing Story Essay Using the Story Star Method

Children with dyslexia often have brilliant and incredible stories to share in their heads but always struggle to get them out and put them into words. A lot of the time, their imagination and creativity go beyond what was required in the question and they get so overwhelmed halfway that they ended up leaving it unfinished. Going off-topic is a common occurrence and the lack of cohesiveness forces the teachers to mark it as failed. It’s in every exam in the world they ask students to “Write a Short Story”. It sounds easy but for a child with dyslexia, it’s not. We, dyslexics, have no shortage of mind-bending theories and hyper-realistic worlds to share but how to share it is the problem. How do you make sure you have a beginning, middle, and end in your story? How do you make sure your teachers get what you wanted to say? And most importantly, how do you finish the story on time?

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