Podcast #94 Oaka Books Founder Recreated the Battle of Hastings on her Kitchen Table!

One day her daughter came home from school and said they’d been working on the Battle of Hastings. She went on to say that although they’d worked on this topic for weeks she couldn’t remember a single thing and they had an exam next week! That night Bambi Gardiner recreated the Battle of Hastings on her kitchen table. The next morning her daughter remembered most of it! Bambi realised that it’s not enough for kids with dyslexia to rely on plain text to learn. So she found a lot of creative ways to help her child, like turning her notes into cartoon characters and creating colorful science flashcards that she can carry with her.  All this helped her gain an A in her exam.

This was the birth of Oaka Books, an award-winning book company that publishes interactive books for children with dyslexia. This week, Darius sat down with the founder, Bambi Gardiner, and talked about how it all started, what it’s like being a parent of a child with dyslexia and what’s next for Oaka Books.

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