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This is a recording of the the Official Announcement of the BulletMap Academy 5.0


The Academy has made some major changes in the courses and the awarding schemes. The courses are now re-organised into 40+ bite sized courses. The medals and certificates are still given out but the matter of how you get them has changed too. 

We wanted students, parents and coaches to clearly know what learning opportunities are on offer when they see the courses. We also aim to give learners flexibility with what they learn and when they learn it. Here are the notable changes that were made: 

Re-organised Courses:

You may have noticed the added courses on the course page. These courses are not new courses. These are reorganized courses to fit the new awarding scheme. The previous course structure has names of which belt the course represents i.e. Blue Belt course or Red Belt course. We’ve got tons of resources with the courses but it’s not readily available when you want to. The titles doesn’t really give you the content of the courses so you have to watch them all to know.

In the re-organised course the titles of the courses, already tells you what the course is all about. Example, instead of just saying “Blue Belt Course”, You’ll know in the title, “how to take notes faster by mapping…”, what the course is all about.

3 Paths

We have identified the 3 major problems that the students with dyslexia experience in school and life; Planning, Note Taking and Assignments. With this, we have distributed the courses to which problem they address. These will also be the basis of the student’s learning path. You can refer to your learning plan coordinator about the new major paths that you can focus.

With these changes, the students can now practically apply the training immediately to their personal circumstances without having to do unrelated training.

Awarding Scheme:

In the past BulletMap Academy System, the belts were awarded when you finished a course. For example, when one finishes the “Yellow Belt Course”, they will get the yellow belt medal and certificate. However, in the new awarding scheme, belts are earned through points accumulated and the required map for that belt is submitted. The mechanics of how you earn the points are listed below. You can also refer to your coaches on how to earn your points and what maps are required for that belt.

Mechanics for Earning Points:

  • Students can earn points in 4 ways; Map points, Learning Points, Breakthrough Points and Project points. For each map they submit or for every activity they join in, select the equivalent reward points.

Map points 

  • By doing different maps, a student can earn points. 
  • Maps have to be completed in order to earn points.
  • Students can submit different types or same types of maps to obtain equivalent points.

Learning Points

  • Represents student’s learning journey. 
  • Student earns points every time he participates in an activity
  • In a club, whenever students finish a map, each of them will earn points. The points are added to their score sheets individually.
  • If a student shares a map for the first time, he earns the corresponding breakthrough points and the equivalent map points.

Breakthrough Points

  • Can be unlocked after student completes the white belt
  • Encourages to overcome fear of “first times”
  • Give incentives to students who would like to explore

Project Points

  • Incentivizing students when they use their bulletmap skills when doing a project and integrating these skills  in their school related works.
  • If the activity is not in the list, but deserves an award, choose “Bonus”. Indicate the reason why you are giving that award. It is up for the coaches to use their discretion in awarding points to students(as long as there’s basis).
  • In each belt, students are required to submit a minimum number of maps and the requirement.
  • Excess Points acquired in a belt may be carried over to the next belt.
  • Starting from Blue Belt onwards, a graded memory map is required to be submitted. Memory maps will be graded using the Bulletmap Marking Scheme. 
  • Every session, the coach must allot at least 5 minutes to record points earned by the student.
  • Students are encouraged to strategise to earn more points.

Graded MemoryMaps

In order to promote good BulletMap practice, we have developed a standard for BulletMapping. It is the convergence of all the BulletMap concepts that the Academy has been teaching in these courses. All these concepts are gathered and points were allotted according to importance. That’s how the MemoyMap Marking Scheme was created (explained more below).

When the student reaches Blue Belt, they have unlocked a new requirement for moving on to the next belt level. They are now required to submit and pass a graded MemoryMap. The MemoryMaps submitted by the students will be graded using the MemoryMap Marking Scheme to know whether they can move on to the next belt or not. The further you are in the belts, the higher the percentage you need to get to advance. Please refer to the percentage below.

  • Blue Belt: 50%+
  • Purple Belt: 60%+
  • Brown/White Belt: 70%+
  • Brown Belt: 80%+
  • Black Belt: 90%+

Download Marking Scheme PDF

Download Marking Scheme PDF

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