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  • Learn the BulletMap process
  • Replace confusion with focus
  • Destress dyslexia with visual notes
  • Visual and creative organization system
  • Life skill for surviving and thriving in school and exams
  • Lifetime access
  • 14-day Money Back Guarantee

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14-Day Money-back Guarantee ⓘ


  • Brainstorm using the BulletMap
  • Basic fundamentals of BulletMapping
  • Organize thoughts visually
  • Step by step instruction on BulletMapping
  • Improve your executive functioning skills
  • Use your strong imagination and creativity to your advantage
  • See the potential of BulletMapping
  • Visual way to declutter your head





Brainstorming is the most basic step when you do a BulletMap.   The learning objectives and outcomes are directly aligned with narrative writing goals from:

  • Pearson and Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB)
  • Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in the US

This course teaches the basic fundamentals of BulletMapping with step by step instruction videos. Brainstorming or getting your thoughts and ideas out of your head is one of the most challenging things for people with dyslexia.

Dyslexics naturally have strong imagination and creativity but it sometimes get in the way when explaining something or coming up with an idea or telling a story. Their ideas come in random order that it’s hard to identify which one is more important than the other. This may hinder your productivity and may get you confused most of the time.

The BulletMap method helps with this process a lot because it takes out the random ideas, sorts them out with a map, then identifies the steps needed to achieve the goal. The process actually lifts up the heavy burden in your head.

Who is this Course for?

This is helpful for students and professionals with dyslexia who want a way of organizing their thoughts and ideas. If you’re looking for a way to manage your executive functioning better, the BulletMap method helps you do that.

The BulletMap has a ton of possible uses at work and at school. From presentations, story writing, business proposals, taking down notes, revision, etc., the possibility is endless.

Have you seen my description of the dyslexic brain as a Zero Gravity Workshop? If not, check out the video here. Sometimes people with dyslexia can confuse the order of your thoughts or facts and lose your audience when you retell a story. When you lose their attention, you can lose credibility and lose confidence.

If you have taken The Dyslexia Quiz in our app, you might have answered to yes to:

But with the BulletMap system, it will be fun and faster than the normal way you tell a story. The BulletMap you create will help you organize your thoughts and facts and share your thoughts with clarity. And you won’t need someone to reorganize your work!


Children with dyslexia naturally have strong imaginations and creativity but it sometimes gets in the way when explaining something or telling a story. Sometimes, their ideas come in random order and it’s hard for them to identify which one is more important than the other. This may hinder their productivity and make them confused.

The BulletMap method takes all the confusion and brings so much peace and focus with only a single piece of paper and some pens.

Course Content

New Club (11)

  • Do you have a Zero Gravity mind?
  • Why turn list into maps?
  • Get ready!
  • Step 1: The Goal
  • How a BulletMap feels?
  • The routemap
  • Step 2: Catch those ideas; Bullet list
  • Step 3: Filter those ideas; Underline keywords
  • Step 4: Find big ideas; Highlight keywords
  • Step 5: Find your focus; Central doodle
  • Step 6: See what you’re thinking; Main branches
  • Step 7: Add details; Small branches
  • Step 8: Talkthrough; Explain
  • Step 9: The prize
  • BulletMap Potential

Course Format

  • 1.5 hours of self-paced videos
  • Demonstration videos with assignments to complete
  • Lifetime access
  • 14-day Money-back Guarantee

Buy Now

14-Day Money-back Guarantee ⓘ

Why is brainstorming so important?

Brainstorming is one of the most basic skill that every person needs to master in life. We all have ideas in our head but a person with dyslexia struggles to transfer those ideas from head to paper. In turn, they come up as unmotivated or uninterested. 

Our role as parents is to prepare our children to become independent adults. Someone that can make a positive impact on the world. But without the crucial skill of organising and explaining their ideas, they will find it hard.

Adults brainstorm to capture and organise ideas in the workplace. In the classroom, teachers try to do the same. However, in school, brainstorming is not taught in a way that effectively plays to their visual strengths. It just leaves creative children confused and frustrated.

Our team is passionate about helping children with dyslexia to learn the skill of explaining their ideas. Because we know they have a lot of amazing stories to tell but without this skill, their ideas can get stuck their your head.

What are BulletMap Students and Parents Saying?


“I was so worried (when he gets to college level) how he is going to take notes, how he’s going to ever learn to write papers, but now with Bulletmapping I’m confident that he will be able to do all of that… BulletMap is an answered prayer.” – Megan, mum of Wyatt

“I wanted to give her the best possible way to prepare her for schoolwork, for going into big school, into a University, onto life. And I couldn’t find anything until I came across this (BulletMap Academy). It’s like a lifeline.” – Janine, mum of Evie

“I began using the BulletMap system with my high school and university students in 2019. I have found that it helps ALL students map what the questions are really asking so they don’t stop before they are finished. Their essays and presentations are organized, include relevant and sufficient details, and address the prompt directly. They are finishing faster, scoring higher marks, and more importantly actually having fun. They are visibly less stressed and confident that they understand what they have learned and can answer the question to show what they know.”

Sara Shunkwiler

Johns Hopkins University School of Education & K-12 Educator

Try the course Risk-Free with our 14-day Money-back Guarantee. You can complete the course on a weekend and try it out in real life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers Full Video

We have compiled the questions that parents ask us the most when getting to know the BulletMap Academy. I sat down and recorded a video where I answered them all. Please watch the video if you want to know more. You can skip to the segments you like to watch.

Segmented Questions

If you want to skip to certain questions, we’ve spliced the video into chunks below. 

Our goal at BulletMap Academy is to teach children to get ready for High School. We want to equip your child to be ready for exams.

There are lots of programs available for children with Dyslexia. Some work and some don’t because not all dyslexia are alike. The key is to try it with the child and see if it works for them.

You engage your child in different levels at a given time. We use videos to make them feel relaxed and focused. Then we have 1-to-1 coaching to help them apply what they learned.

A lot of children are embarrassed with their handwriting or spelling. At BulletMap Academy, we are not particular with these things. We care about whether they can explain and share their thoughts.

We are not Dyslexia Tutors. We are not English Tutors. We are not Grammar Tutors. We are Executive Function Tutors. 

Every dyslexia is different. Some maybe quick to learn these skills but others may not. It certainly depends on the child’s way of thinking.

We can offer a faster track for students who need to learn this as soon as possible. 

If your child can’t spell or write well, we can still show them how to pass an English exam.

A lot of students get hung up with perfectionism because they get anxious about doing the what the others are doing. For us, it’s not about having the perfect process, it’s about having the right end resort.

The BulletMap process works because it is an executive function process. All these learning difficulties also have trouble with executive functioning. 

It’s actually quite helpful if you can’t draw. Sometimes drawing a good picture takes extra time than needed. We encourage children to be messy and playful with the doodles instead of having perfect pictures.

We take your child protection seriously. We are an online company and we meet students virtually. Whenever we meet with the student, the parent have to be in the room. 

Yes, we also do scholarships. If you have a household income of less than £30,000 a year, you are eligible for the scholarship.

Our coaches are from the Philippines for a number of reasons. Aside from it’s practical, they are reliable and flexible. They are also highly competent in whatever they do.

Somewhere between 4 months and 3 years. Developing a skill takes time, energy and repetition to properly do it.

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