Podcast #123 Salvesen Mindroom Centre CEO on Influencing Decision Makers for Dyslexia. Alan Thornburrow

I talked to Alan Thornburrow, the CEO of Salvesen Mindroom Centre and a parent with dyslexia. Mindroom has been working with dyslexia and neurodiversity for over 21 years and is continuously supporting people living with learning differences.

Podcast #122 “Xena” Scriptwriter and Author R.S. Mellette Share How He Writes As Slowly As He Pleased

In this episode, we are going to explore how R.S. Mellette came to know about dyslexia and how it helped him in being a screenwriter and, later on, being an author

Podcast #118 Orton-Gillingham Tutor shared about homeschooling, IEP, self-efficacy and learning to teach differently. Ash Voisine

This week, we talked to Ash Voisine about how she found out she’s dyslexic when she was studying to be an Orton-Gillingham tutor for her children.