How to Arrange Your Branches While You Listen and Take Notes So You Can Remember More

Take more time rearranging the information in your map while listening

In an audio map, you will be tempted to hesitate putting down information or navigating where on the map to put it. And all this, while you are listening to a story or a  speaker! There are no strict rules for this as it will be something that you must judge for yourself. Remember that this also takes time to develop. You would need to allot yourself some time to see the structure of the story. You may not always get things in the right place the first time and that’s all right. You may need more time to rearrange the information so that it flows easily for you to remember. You work at it until it clicks like a puzzle.

This course’s focus is where to do the branches. Knowing when to keep working on one branch and when to start another is as crucial as filling in those branches with helpful details. This enables you to talk through your map while efficiently making the information flow smoothly in your mind. This helps a great deal in remembering the details of your map!