How to Keep Up With a Talk While You Take Notes. Even If Your a Slow Writer

Go with the flow of the lecturer while taking notes.

People are often worried that they may miss important details while doing an audio map. In an audio map the most important thing is to get into the flow of the information and stay there. What is flow? It’s a feeling that you get when you’re in the zone and while listening to a talk you instinctively know how to put it on paper.

Sometimes when you do an audio map, you don’t exactly know what the story will be about. You don’t usually know how the story will go until after you’ve heard it. This exercise will help you adapt to this. We are going to use images but we’re also going to start adding words as details to add to your images.

This course teaches how to start locating words to add details to your map. Sometimes you will encounter things that will be tricky to draw so this is to make sure you don’t miss any bit of information that you will encounter while listening to a person talking.