How To Use Stickman to Remember What Happened

A short course on using a stickman in your DoodleMap

In listening to a story or any information that involves characters, you may need to incorporate people into your notes. The simplest way to do this is to incorporate stickmen! Some people can get scared of drawing these onto their maps. It’s not as pretty as it could be. However, the purpose of stickmen is to remind you of a certain part of the story you are listening to, as though it were an animation playing in your mind. 

In this course, we get to practice adding these stickmen into your map as they hold crucial bits of information that will help you know the story. We’ll also practice including them at important points that will be markers for significant events of what you listen to. Putting them in will help you remember why they are there and what’s so important about where they were placed.