How to Use the Shape of Lines to Remember Where You are in Your Notes.

A short course on learning how to take a line for a “walk”.

You may already know the formula of audio maps; the circle with the arrow pointing us in a clockwise direction. But people with dyslexia are highly creative so this method may seem boring after quite some time. Different lines can mean different things. This is evident when you create a variety that explains which part of the story you are in at the moment. 

In this course, we’ll use your creativity to your advantage in remembering parts of a story. Lines can evoke so much meaning when we use them to illustrate key ideas in a given part of a story. We will practice how to make the lines work for you even if you don’t include as many doodles to help you remember. Detailing different parts of the story just by the lines itself will be helpful in jogging your memory to remember the story itself.