How to Write a Story using the Story Star

Create a full story with proper structure using the Story Star

With dyslexia, we often have good story ideas but it’s hard to tell the story to your friends, parents or teachers. We get confused not just about the timeline of the story but also, along the way, we forget the main idea of the story. The Story Star is a special form of BulletMap as it already has suggested branches for you to fill in. These branches are the five main elements of the story. If you write a story filling in the main elements, your story is guaranteed to be complete not just with a start, middle and end. It also allows you to think about the main characters, conflicts and resolutions. All in a one-page map.

In this course, you will create a story star from a real-life event and learn how to structure it with a beginning, middle and end with the five main elements of the story.