Podcast #15 The Dyslexic Advantage Chapter 2 Review

My favorite quote of the chapter: “We are claiming that certain talents are as much a part of dyslexic processing as are the better known challenges- that the strengths and the challenges are simply two sides of the same neurological coin.” pg17 The Dyslexic Advantage. Eide 2011.

In Chapter 2 of the book, they had a great little introduction where they take a grandpa, mum and grandchild and show how you could view their dyslexia story so differently depending on the perspective you take. Firstly, from the narrow perspective which most children and dyslexia are viewed through. Then, through a second, wider view of dyslexia. The difference is surprising. I do a quick summary of the chapter, share some quotes and my personal reflections and lessons learnt.

The Dyslexic Advantage” is one of the most highly recommended books on dyslexia for good reason. For example, just over two years ago I read only five selected chapters of the book and it significantly contributed to inspiring the motivation behind creating the mission and company of ‘BulletMap Academy‘. My wife and I were inspired to find a way to systematically teach dyslexic teens and entrepreneurs to use mind mapping as a tool that can be used to find creative order out of chaotic thoughts. The insights from the book helped me, as an adult, to identify and harness my dyslexic advantages and, as a teacher, to find methods to teach visual study skills effectively. This is just one example of how this book has catalysed new ways to recognise and harness people’s creative gifts.

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