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BulletMap Academy Reviews

Reviews About BulletMap Academy

Find out what our students say about the BulletMap Academy

It’s unlocked a door in my daughters memory and revision techniques that
we never thought we would be able to get through.
Mind mapping got me from a U (Ungraded) to a C. It was the mind map, but it was also the whole motivation thing and the confidence that it gave because I knew what I was doing now was working with the revision.
What Darius has done is a lot more than a mind mapping course: he taught how to mind map but there’s also goal setting – helping the kids be confident.
CarolineDyslexia Tutor

Wyatt can now share his thoughts!

Wyatt can now share his thoughts!

Using the BulletMap System, Wyatt was able to make his baseball team’s fundraiser successful because he was able to share to people what he really wanted to say. 

“I think it was an answer to our prayers!” – Megan

Evie got over 90%!

Evie got over 90%!

For all the subjects that Evie mapped in her exams, she got over 90%. She believed she wouldn’t have done quite as well if she had not used the BulletMap System.

“There are so many aspects of it that’ll help you do better” – Evie

Josephine can now take down notes faster!

Josephine can now take down notes faster!

Instead of writing pages and pages of notes, Josephine now has a system that allows her to take down notes faster and identify only the important bits to take.

“I feel like note taking is easier for me now.” – Josephine


Jack did a presentation!​

Jack did a presentation!

Jack exerts alot of energy when forming letters. The BulletMap System allows him to express his thoughts through doodles and pictures while using less words. He did a presentation using only a BulletMap as notes. 

“It’s a really good way to express what you think.” – Jack


Elizabeth can now write!​

Elizabeth can now write!

Elizabeth had a major breakthrough in writing out her thoughts and ideas using the BulletMap System. She previously had trouble in expressing what she wanted to say but now she can. She’s now being paid to write websites.

“The BulletMap has bridged that gap [writing] for her.” – Katy


Henry won first prize for his puppet show!

Henry won first prize for his puppet show!

Using a BulletMap, Henry did a puppet show presentation about the Animal Farm story and got first prize. 

“His thoughts are now mapped structure and reproduced in a way that make sense for the one reading it.” – Sheryl


Sonny created a business!

Sonny created a business!

Sonny who’s just beginning to write simple words had created a BulletMap that was the basis for their pets sitting business. He just used a lot of doodles for his ideas while her sister Elizabeth created the website. They are now accepting bookings if you need someone to watch your pet.

“BulletMapping can actually be used pre-word.” – Katy


Adwen created her summer plan!​

Adwen created her summer plan!

During the summer break, Adwen and Laurie created a summer plan where they mapped all of their goals for the summer. Adwen learned to prioritise her goals according to which is more important. 

“She’s learned to set up physical and emotional boundaries through the map.” – Laurie


Evie Published a Story Book using the BulletMap

Evie Published a Story Book using the BulletMap

During the summer break, we started a story club where our students can hang out and create maps for their story. The challenge is at the end of the summer, the child has written a full story. The story that Evie wrote for the club was so good she decided to publish it for others to enjoy.

Questions and Answers Full Video

We have compiled the questions that parents ask us the most when getting to know the BulletMap Academy. I sat down and recorded a video where I answered them all. Please watch the video if you want to know more. You can skip to the segments you like to watch.

Segmented Questions

If you want to skip to certain questions, we’ve spliced the video into chunks below. 

Our goal at BulletMap Academy is to teach children to get ready for High School. We want to equip your child to be ready for exams.

There are lots of programs available for children with Dyslexia. Some work and some don’t because not all dyslexia are alike. The key is to try it with the child and see if it works for them.

You engage your child in different levels at a given time. We use videos to make them feel relaxed and focused. Then we have 1-to-1 coaching to help them apply what they learned.

A lot of children are embarrassed with their handwriting or spelling. At BulletMap Academy, we are not particular with these things. We care about whether they can explain and share their thoughts.

We are not Dyslexia Tutors. We are not English Tutors. We are not Grammar Tutors. We are Executive Function Tutors. 

Every dyslexia is different. Some maybe quick to learn these skills but others may not. It certainly depends on the child’s way of thinking.

We can offer a faster track for students who need to learn this as soon as possible. 

If your child can’t spell or write well, we can still show them how to pass an English exam.

A lot of students get hung up with perfectionism because they get anxious about doing the what the others are doing. For us, it’s not about having the perfect process, it’s about having the right end resort.

The BulletMap process works because it is an executive function process. All these learning difficulties also have trouble with executive functioning. 

It’s actually quite helpful if you can’t draw. Sometimes drawing a good picture takes extra time than needed. We encourage children to be messy and playful with the doodles instead of having perfect pictures.

We take your child protection seriously. We are an online company and we meet students virtually. Whenever we meet with the student, the parent have to be in the room. 

Yes, we also do scholarships. If you have a household income of less than £30,000 a year, you are eligible for the scholarship.

Our coaches are from the Philippines for a number of reasons. Aside from it’s practical, they are reliable and flexible. They are also highly competent in whatever they do.

Somewhere between 4 months and 3 years. Developing a skill takes time, energy and repetition to properly do it.

Frequently Asked Questions