Podcast #18 A Mother And Daughter’s Study Strategy Explained

After Rachel Miller’s Keynote speech she explains to me the system that she uses with her mother to keep on top of the workload leading up to her final high school exams. They just completed a 4-week online mind mapping course with BulletMap Academy . I got the rare opportunity to ask them how it has affected life at home and school in person at the Dyslexia Scotland Education Conference. Rachel gave a storming keynote speech to 150+ educators, see episode #17.

She covers:
– Now converting 50 class handouts into maps a week!
– How mum reads the handout and she highlights
– She takes the highlights and goes to create a map
– Writing English essays with a map.
– Using phone to dictate
– Mum talking about the reduction in stress and pressure
– Verbally processing by using a map
– Saving time
– Mum using a map to test Rachel
– How to do the revision on the go!
– Reviewing maps before doing a class
– Advice to other parents when to learn to map
– How two different children use the map
– Using a map in a class to brainstorm in a class
– How teachers respond to mind mapping in the class
– “I love being dyslexic”
– How teams and tools are essential
– How Dyslexics help teams operate.
– Seeing the big picture from multiple points of view.
– How Rachel started a mind mapping club for 10 yr olds.

listen to the podcast now.

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