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finishing work

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Why does my child find it so hard to finish things?

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Have you noticed children with dyslexia tend to leave things unfinished? Is it carelessness? Possibly, but it’s probably dyslexia. It’s important to identify the real cause, because if they don’t learn to finish things there’s little hope for success in the workplace.

In the last 4 blog posts I have given clear examples of how ‘slow processing’ is not about your ‘engine’ but the effect of ‘gears’. We saw the extra steps people with dyslexia need to comprehend, take notes and explain things.

Have I helped you see how studying is a very manual process for dyslexics? How it’s unrealistic to tell a child with dyslexia “go finish your work” if they don’t have the system and training to do it?

I’ll make a prediction. You’ll probably dabble with many techniques to help your child study. You’ll try random graphic organizers, youtube videos and apps. We all do. It’s crucial to get through this frustrating stage quickly before you waste too much of your child’s goodwill.

The solution is to find a simple system to do the job. There are different visual study methods available. I think our BulletMap™ System is the world’s best for the job because it’s designed by dyslexics for dyslexics. But, what’s most important is to choose a visual technique, stick to it and master it.

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With a visual study technique they’ll get work finished. They’ll finish High School and become lifelong learners and finishers! Then you will start to see their dyslexic advantages appreciated.

I’d like to invite you to a Webinar where I show you how Bulletmap Academy creates an online ‘dyslexia club’ experience to help children learn how to go up the gears of learning. It’s free. Join us on …..


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The BulletMap Academy

BulletMap Academy is the only online dyslexia study skills club in the world. We help parents get their kids high school ready; fusing innovative e-learning with 1-to-1 coaching, a motivational community, and seal the deal with the rewards and recognition dyslexic kids deserve. 

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